Dining Table

After a recent kitchen project, our stone fabricator asked if we wanted the marble remnant from our clients' kitchen.  I've wanted a marble dining table, and this was my chance at something lovely that had seemed out of reach.  I showed Andrew the shape I wanted, he drew it up, we waited for it to be cut and polished...then Andrew got a phone call that the slab broke during the final polish!  Right in half.  But! they offered a different piece, with even better tones and veining.  

The base design started when Andrew's dad found some really beautiful antique turned table legs at a flea market this spring.  Coming up with a plan that was unique but still felt timeless, the guys at TC built a trestle base that incorporated the legs.  Now we've got a complete dining table!  

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So much has happened since the last blog update!...considering it's been an entire year, that's not super surprising I guess.

The children are growing.

The guys at TC are busy bees working away on two kitchens right now, along with a couple smaller projects.

But the biggest news right now- we're hiring!  The expansion of Traditional Cabinetry is exciting, as it holds great promise.  Andrew and I spend hours talking about the possibilities for growth and direction, often the ideas are outrageous in themselves, but when reigned in and honed, the opportunities for creative development are like a thousand diamonds, waiting to be gathered and arranged.

We're also hoping to do some website updating- it's been sitting dormant for far too long!  Gotta shake things up a little.  

'Operation Finish Our Own House Finally After 6 Years' is steaming ahead, with a goal for completion by August 30th.  I didn't know I was -ahem- mature enough to be so excited over such domestic accomplishments as the installation of baseboard trim.    

Thanks for reading, hopefully my fingers can hit up these keys more often!

Our home living room bookcase/entertainment center, with a close up of the drawer handles.  Aren't they sweet?

A sliding door was added to an upstairs bedroom, also at the Toftness home.

The blog

It's me, Liz, wife of Andrew the cabinet maker.  I've been assigned the title Head Blogger...which is why the 'blog' icon on traditional-cabinetry.com has brought you nowhere for the past year of its existence.  

When I'm not writing (ha!), I'm managing a household made up of a husband, 4 kids, and a dog named Hector.  I love to encourage creativity through example and brain storming.   

Let's start with the role each member of the family plays in the workings of TC, then next time we'll move on to the actual interesting stuff, such as employees and their fine craftsmanship.

Oldest son: Oliver.  He's 7 years old, and full of ideas and distractions to keep the boss on his toes.

Then there's 4 year old Georgianna.  Her position is general care and morale booster.

Margot, age 2.5, would consider herself the boss of the world.

Winston, 7 mos., is more of a silent partner at this point.  He hasn't made his talent known, but we've got high hopes for him, too. 

Five years ago we moved into an old farm house.  After stripping it down to the studs, we've been putting it back together a little at a time.  This house is 80+ years old, so it lacked closets, had a strange bedroom configuration upstairs, there was only one bathroom, half the basement had a dirt floor, and of course the kitchen was about 5 decades past its prime.

I will be posting pictures of some of our projects around the house, along with some of TC's current projects.  Also stay tuned for an introduction of the crew Andrew has working for him!



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