So much has happened since the last blog update!...considering it's been an entire year, that's not super surprising I guess.

The children are growing.

The guys at TC are busy bees working away on two kitchens right now, along with a couple smaller projects.

But the biggest news right now- we're hiring!  The expansion of Traditional Cabinetry is exciting, as it holds great promise.  Andrew and I spend hours talking about the possibilities for growth and direction, often the ideas are outrageous in themselves, but when reigned in and honed, the opportunities for creative development are like a thousand diamonds, waiting to be gathered and arranged.

We're also hoping to do some website updating- it's been sitting dormant for far too long!  Gotta shake things up a little.  

'Operation Finish Our Own House Finally After 6 Years' is steaming ahead, with a goal for completion by August 30th.  I didn't know I was -ahem- mature enough to be so excited over such domestic accomplishments as the installation of baseboard trim.    

Thanks for reading, hopefully my fingers can hit up these keys more often!

Our home living room bookcase/entertainment center, with a close up of the drawer handles.  Aren't they sweet?

A sliding door was added to an upstairs bedroom, also at the Toftness home.

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